A prayer for the first day of virtual schooling

God bless my six-year-old’s 1st grade teacher, who laminated Zoom icons, held them up to the camera and repeated no less that 30 times today, “this is what the mute button looks like! Make sure you use it!” May she get peace and quiet at home tonight.
God bless the dad who didn’t know his son wasn’t on mute and said, “pay attention, boy! This learning ain’t for me!” I feel you.
God bless the kid who during music class, when the teacher was singing Irish ballads and teaching the steps to the Virginia Reel, said (not on mute), “What kinda music is this? This is whack!” May he listen to music he loves tonight.
God bless the music teacher who nodded and said, “I like these songs. I worked hard on them.” May someone in his family appreciate his guitar ballads.
God bless the mom who logged in as herself when her first grader decided to protest online school and who testified in accented English, “I am here, I am mother. She is in room, learning and crying.” May her dedication to her children’s education be a guiding light for us all.
God bless us all, everyone. May tomorrow be better.