Paint the Guns Gold

I process through writing. Since the school shooting at Uvalde, I’ve been working on this piece. It’s my reflection on how many Christians have turned guns into a new Baal.
Paint the guns gold
Shape them into cows
For God is not
who we worship now
We worship 2A
Because we don’t
know how to be
In love with a God
that we cannot see.
Does one nation,
have room for
a God that’s mostly
The God that we claim
to love in the Bible
is a God who is tired
of us being tribal
That God
would rather hide
with children in schools
than adhere to
our constitutional rules
That God
what is meek
what is mild
coming to us
as a small child
That God
knows we broke the
first commandment
yet asks our atonement
not be the blood
spilling of an innocent
But mercy.
For we are the sick ones
in need of a nurse
We are the ones
making things worse
Who was it that said
God, Guns and Glory?
Let’s leave God out
of the American gun story